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Tae Young Optics has been trying to develop a variety of products for many years. Based on new coating materials and technologies, we are supporting many essential products for space and defense industries. Our technologies with the IR coating are nearinfrared(NIR), far infrared(FIR) for anti-reflection, beamsplitters, mirrors and filters. Specific coating requirements are totally customizable. With our progressive technologies, we believe we can satisfy customers°Į demands for the product. We are ready to offer you standard IR range optics(3-5um, and LWIR: 8-12um) with reasonable price, regardless of the quantity.
icon Custom-designed coating for any required quantity by using state of the art coating equipment
icon High quality satisfying military use
icon Strict test covering Mil Spec and internal regulations for stable durability
icon High damage-threshold & low absorption laser coatings
Micro Mesh
icon MIL-C-675C
icon MIL-C-48497A
icon MIL-C-48616
icon germanium
icon silicon
icon zinc selenide
icon zinc sulfide
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