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Welding Band Pass Filter

Welding Band Pass Filter

Auto darkening welding cartridge is used to protect eyes from the noxious light during the welding process and make efficiency very high. Welding band pass filter is a key ingredient of the auto darkening welding cartridge. It blocks UV & IR waves and is designed to adjust transmittance of visible light. According to the working environment and the type of the Welding, we can customize the transmittance of the welding band pass filter at all wavelengths. The filter can vary in different sizes based on customer's needs.

C.W.L (Ignored)
Spectral T peak % (Ignored)
FWHM (Ignored)
Chromatic Transmittance 55% ↑
Chromatic Transmittance X 0.44~0.48
Y 0.50~0.60
500nm T% Under 15%
UV Near Tave[%] Under 0.03%
Far Tave[%] Under 0.08%
IR Near Tave[%] Under 0.02% @ 780 - 1,400nm
Far Tave[%] Under 0.003% @ 780 - 2,000nm


  • We pass Specification ANSI and EN
  • ANSI : American National Standards Institute Z87.1-1989
  • EN : European Standard 169:1992
  • Specification can be design by customer.


  • Auto darkening welding Helmet