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Laser Window

Laser Window

Generally, the window is parallel for both sides to protect the optical system and will be AR coating (AR: Anti Reflection) to prevent the loss of light beam. Depending on the application, the window material is used BK-7, Quartz, Sapphire, and so on.


  Super Precision High Precision Standard Precision
Material BK7 grade A optical glass
Dimension Tolerance +0/-0.10mm
Thickness Tolerance ±0.10mm
Clear Aperture >85%
Flatness(@633mm) λ / 10 λ / 4 25mm per 1λ
Parallelism 10 arc seconds 30 arc seconds 1 arc minutes
Surface Quality(S/D) 20/10 40/20 60/40
Bevel 0.25mm × 45
Coating Available upon request